Statement & Actions in Solidarity for EqualityJune 09, 2020

Reston, VA (June 09, 2020) – Statement & Actions in Solidarity for Equality

At OM Group, we value and encourage diversity of thought, belief and approach; and truly believe that this diversity is what makes us stronger as a team, a company and a business. This diversity is the underpinning of our success and rapid growth.

OM Group stands against systemic bias and unequal treatment in all forms. As a minority owned and operated business, we are very sensitive to the many overt and covert forms that exclusion and discrimination can take, while also trying to be aware of our own internal biases. As immigrants, we have wanted to “blend in” and to not call attention to our differences or “otherness”. This great country has adopted us, and we are grateful and feel privileged for the many opportunities provided to us and our children. In return, we have strived to give back to our communities when called upon. This is such a time ….

The recent events and the associated protests are difficult to ignore. We believe “actions speak louder than words” and have endeavored to ensure that our actions as an employer reflect our stated principles. However, us trying to do good and do right within our organization, while important, is not enough. We cannot turn a blind eye to the elements shaping the future of our country, our communities and our children. We feel called upon to take a stand. We all have the opportunity here, as individuals, as members of our communities and the greater society, to take meaningful steps and action, no matter how small, and make a difference.

OM Group pledges to make a substantial, meaningful corporate donation to organizations that are on the forefront of the fight for social justice and equality, in addition to matching our employee contributions. To continue with the spirit of the OMGives Initiative launched in April, as a business, we are highlighting the following organizations:

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People:

American Civil Liberties Union:

Equal Justice Initiative:

Southern Poverty Law Center:

In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to identify other tangible steps and initiatives that we can support as a company that will move us towards building the society in which we wish to live and raise our children.

The time is always right to do what is right - Martin Luther King Jr

In solidarity,

Sowmya Hariharan, CEO and Sangita Subramanian, COO

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