• Phase 1

    Needs Assessment/Requirements Gathering

    Our consultants work closely with you to understand your business and financial goals and desired outcomes as well as timeframes for accomplishing them.

    Capabilities Assessment

    We apply years of industry experience to evaluate your current systems' strengths to support the planned business requirements in terms of:



    Based on the needs and capabilities assessment, we will propose process (re) design, system (re)design, new technologies and solutions as well as cost and time estimate for implementation. Once we have your buy-in for the recommended solution, we can move to the next phase.

  • Phase 2

    Architecture and Design

    Our team will design a scalable, custom solution to accommodate your specific business and technical needs and budget. Our processes are fully documented, including product specifications, test and migration plans and cost estimates.


    Actual implementation of the solution.

    QA and Testing

    The solution is tested against the system and performance requirements established in Phase 1. Testing encompasses standalone, unit testing as well integration and system performance testing.

  • Deployment

    The deployment process is a two-phased approach that includes:

    Pilot Phase This trial phase is a limited but live deployment of the new solution to a sub-set of users. This helps identify potential issues that can occur in the live deployment making the actual roll-out quicker and smoother
    Full Deployment Once the pilot phase has been completed, the full-scale deployment is executed based on a predetermined execution plan limiting downtime.

    Phase 3

    Support and Maintenance

    We offer SLAs based on the nature of the solution for all our work.